aZONEguide profile

                                                           is a practice, 

 which combines knowledge of local architectural Russian 

market, based now in Rotterdam (NL), still working on 

Russian projects.

aZONE guide combined proffesionals of various disciplines,
with more than 15 years of experience in Russia.


aZONE guide has a professional aim: to bring that  

expirience  to Netherlands, making local Russian context 

familia for you.



ANASTASIA IVANOVA   architect | adviser

After 15 years of practice as an architect in Moscow, as part of distinct teams as "Sergey Skuratov Architects" and TPО «Reserve», in local and international projects together with dutch practices as Mecanno, Maxwan and KCAP, I am willing to put the accumulated experience

I`m now based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), still focused on Russian architectural market, ready to help your office to work efficiently and profitably on Russian projects.

 am a practicing architect and consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the Russian market.
I worked on different types of project\stages\scales for leading Moscow architectural offices such as Sergey Skuratov architects, STRELKA KB, TPО «RESERVE», Sergey Kisselev & Partners.
I worked for the top leading architectural offices in Moscow:
KB STRELKA                                                                                  
TPО «Reserve»                                                                                      
Sergey Kisselev & Partners                                                                         
Sergey Skuratov Architects                                                          

    Selected projects

    2015 - 2017  Zaryadye Park Embankment, Moscow, Russia
    commission  |  concept stage, project stage  |  built
    site area  1.9 hectares  |  gross construction area  6 800 m2

    within TPO "Reserve" Moscow RU 

    2013  "Zaryadye Park", Moscow Russia 
    international competition 2nd place
    site area  13.0 hectares  |  gross construction area  25 500m2

    within TPO "Reserve" Moscow RU 
    together with "Latz end partners" DE (landscape), "Maxwan" NL (urbanism), "Buro Happold" (engineering DE) 

    2014   "Pushkin Fine Arts Museum Extension"  Moscow RU
    site area  4.7 hectares  |  gross construction area  17 750 m2
    competition by invitation 3rd place

    within TPO "Reserve" Moscow RU
    together with "Juurlink en Geluk" NL (landscape)

    2014  "IFC Moscow - International Financial Centre Masterplan", Moscow RU
    international competition, finalist
    site area  460.0 hectares  |  gross construction area  4 000 000m2

TPO "Reserve" Moscow RU 
    together with "Maxwan" NL (urbanism), "Juurlink en Geluk" NL (landscape), "Arup" NL (engineering)

   2012   Politechnic Museum Extension, Moscow RU
   international competition
   site area  13.0 hectares  |  gross construction area  25 500m2

   within TPO "Reserve" Moscow, RU
   together with "Mecanoo" NL (architecture), "Werner Sobek" DE (engineering)


   2012 Moscow International Business Centre (MIBC): "M-city tower", Moscow RU
   international competition
   site area 2.41 hectares | gross construction area 362 000 m2











    within TPO "Reserve" Moscow, RU 

    together with MVSA, NL  

   2011 "Arena Park" - "Dynamo" multifunctional complex, Moscow RU 
   comission | concept stage, project stage | under construction
   site area 5.8 hectares | gross construction area 414 200m2

    within TPO "Reserve" Moscow, RU 

    together with "Speech" Moscow, RU, "Asteros" Moscow, RU

    2010   Balta Kapa masterplan, Jurmala LV    
    competition 1st place | concept stage  | project stage
    site area  22.8 hectares 

    within "Sergey Kisselev and Partners" Moscow RU
    together with "MDK konstruktoti"

   2005-2007 "Garden quarters" residential complex, Moscow  RU
   competition (1st place)  |  design code   |  concept stage  |  built
   site area  11.6 hectares  |  gross construction area   490 800 m2

   within "Sergey Skuratov architects" Moscow RU